Welcome to Intermediate School District 917

Intermediate School District 917 provides increased opportunities for personal and career skill development and provides educational programs that meet the individual and technical needs of students.

Important Dates

In accordance with  Minnesota Statutes, 13D.021, the School Board meetings of ISD 917 will be held by conference call or other electronic means. 

November 11, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Like all other public schools throughout the State of Minnesota, we are struggling with the impact of COVID-19 on our learning environments.  We are carefully balancing the need to keep students and staff members safe and to continue the highest possible level of education.  With the rates of Dakota County increasing steadily, and the fact that several of our sites have had positive cases resulting in multiple close contacts, we need to take the safest approach possible.  

The following changes will occur for Intermediate School District 917 programming:  

  1. For each of our programs that are located in our member district schools, including PACES, DASH, and D/HH, we will be following the school schedules of those school districts. 
  2. Our federal setting IV programs at Alliance Education Center, Cedar School, Concord Education Center, and Lebanon Education Center, as well as the TESA program at the Dakota County Technical Center and our care and treatment sites will transition to a distance learning model.  The last day of the hybrid model will be Friday, November 20th.  For these programs, Monday, November 23, Tuesday, November 24, and Monday, November 30, staff will be working to transition between models.  School will resume for students in the distance learning model on Tuesday, December 1.  
  3. The Dakota County Area Learning School (DCALS) sites at DCTC, West St. Paul, and Farmington and the Career and Technical Education program will continue to operate in the hybrid model as they presently are.  If COVID -19 testing data or other conditions change, we may need to move to a more restrictive environment.  

We are hopeful that shortly after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, we will be able reopen all of our school sites in a hybrid model.  Of course, we will need to respond to the data at that time and make the best decision possible in the interest of student and staff safety.  

I appreciate your continued support and the desire to keep your child safe.  I am hopeful that all things will return to a more typical status shortly.  These are the hardest decisions I have had to make in my career.  I will keep you informed as our decision making continues. 


Mark A. Zuzek