Students With Unique Needs (SUN)

Cedar SUN swingProgram Focus
This program provides services to all students with unique needs who require a low student-to-staff ratio. The SUN program offers students the opportunity to work on academics as well as functional, transition, and social skills. There are 2 different classroom models to address the varying levels of student need. One model is a small group of 6 students served by a team of 1 teacher and 3 paraprofessionals. The other model is our individual setting serving 6 students each with their own office space as well as a space for group work. The group is served by a teacher and 6 paraprofessionals. 

Support Services

  • A range of related services are provided as needed.  

Disabilities Served

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Developmental Cognitive Disabilities

  • Emotional Behavior Disorders

  • and other disabilities as appropriate

Ages Served

  • 5-21 years old

Current Locations

  • Alliance Education Center

  • Cedar School

Supervisor and Contact Information
Terri Gulbransen. Alliance Education Center
Phone: 651-423-8150 
Email: Mail to Terri G.
Dave Stoll, Cedar School
Phone: 952-707-4075 
Email: Mail to David S.