Erin Mahnke-Science

Welcome to the DCALS Science page!

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I have been teaching science classes at DCALS for 14 years. I enjoy working with students and getting them excited by science and how it affects our everyday life. The classes I teach are:

Anatomy& Physiology - In this class we learn about the various body systems, their functions and disorders. I co-teach this class in the fall with the Medical Careers teacher. In the fall students can earn their first aid and CPR certification. 

Science - this is a general class where every quarter we change up how and what we learn. Some quarters we use a novel to learn about scientific concepts. Other quarters we focus on natural resources. 

Biology - In biology class we learn about basic biological concepts such as the cell, genetics, classification and plants and animals.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about what we are learning in class or your students progress.

(651) 423-8393

Science Extra Credit article:

Write a half-page summary, Choose 3 power words from the bottom and include those and their definition.