Lynn Morris-Math

Welcome, I am Lynn Morris, one of the math teachers here at DCALS.
My contact information is:
(651) 423-8358

I currently teach Algebra 1, Fundamentals, Advisory ,  and Geometry in Construction with the Construction trade's teacher, Paul Landwehr.   
Algebra is the first Algebra class and includes slope, solving equations, quadratics, percents, and numerous other topics.  
Fundamentals is an exploratory basic math class.  Topics include fractions, percents, math history, statistics and physical science projects in the spring like water bottle rockets, mouse trap cars and others. 
Geometry in construction includes working on circles, sectors, measurement, trigonometry, and percents.  In the house, we employ topics from the classroom to build a three bedroom house.

Here are some pictures from the classroom:   
The house is coming along!!  Electrical, and plumbing are done.  Sheet rock is complete with mudding.  Flooring, siding, interior woodwork is next this fall.
sheet rock 2nd bedroom ceiling  bedroom ceiling sheet rock

Roof is almost done!! plumbing is getting installed!!  
Laundry Room plumbing Jan 2015 - roof
laundry room plumbing  tub and plumbing in bathrooms 

Roof work Dec 2014 
students working on roof