Leaves of Absence, FMLA and Disability

What is a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

  • A leave of absence occurs when you need to be out or away from work for reasons other than common, short-term illness (five (5) days or less) or personal vacation. Absences may be on a continuous (six (6) consecutive days and greater) or an intermittent basis (doctor appointments, care for a family member, reduced work schedule, etc.).
  • ISD 917 has various reasons a leave of absence could be approved for:
    • Medical & Family/Parental Leaves:
      • Employee’s personal medical leave, including pregnancy
      • Family medical leave
      • Parental leave for birth or care of a child in their first year after birth
      • Placement of a child through adoption/foster care
      • Service member family and medical leave 

Process information can be found on the Leave of Absence Request Form along with other leave forms as follows:

Personal Medical Leave (including pregnancy)

Family Medical Leave (to care for family members)

Parental Leave

Military Leave

Military Leave - Family

  • WH-384 or WH-385 or WH-385-V depending on situation.  Review Department of Labor Website for additional information

General Leave Request

  • If your leave situation does not fall into a category above, a general leave may be an option for you.  Please review your contract to know what is required of you when applying for a general leave of absence.  If you want to apply for a general leave of absence, please contact Jake Edlund or Lauren Kelly for a general leave form at the information below.



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