Erin Hale-Sanford-Social Studies

Welcome to DCALS!!!
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I'm looking forward to a fabulous 2017-18 school year.  I've been teaching here for over 21 years, and I love to see how students change and grow from the beginning of their time here until the end.  It's truly an amazement when they are able to see the potential in themselves and know they can be successful if they try.

Here's an overview of what we will be doing this quarter in my classes:

Am./Wld. History & Lit: we will be utilizing the book, Heart of a Ranger.  This is the true story of the former DCALS student, Ben Kopp, and his accomplishments.  We will be looking at the history of terrorism and the War on Terror.

Life Studies: introduces new students to the ins & outs of DCALS; all the while teaching them a little Psychology.  Our curriculum centers on motivation, personality, multiple intelligence, and future planning.

Econ/Pers. Finance: examines how we make choices in our lives based on our scarce resources.  Our focus will be on macroeconomics and how we as citizens have an effect on the global economy.

Advisory: we will be doing a number of activities to build the advisory/advisee relationship.  Our focus this quarter will be utilizing puzzle solving.  We will learn how simple to more complex puzzles can help keep the brain functioning at full capcity.

If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, use the info below (I check my email often - even at home).

(651) 423-8376