Referral and Intake Process for Special Education

Nine school districts located in Dakota County and southern Hennepin County identify and refer students with certain disabilities to Intermediate School District 917 to provide special education services.  Services are offered in the least restrictive environment appropriate to each student.   

Here are the steps for students referred for special education services:

  1. A member district's special education director completes the referral request form and submits it to Intermediate District 917 at [email protected]
  2. Upon receiving the request, the Central Intake Coordinator contacts the referring school district and gathers additional information about the student's programming needs. 
  3. The 917 program team in which the student is placed schedules an intake/IEP meeting that includes a representative from the referring school district, Intermediate District 917, and the student's parent/guardian.  During the meeting, the team discusses the student's needs and completes any additional forms.
  4. The student's IEP is updated to reflect current services and supports.  

ISD 917 Centralized Intake Procedure
ISD 917 2021-2022 Referral Form ***Add newest undated version here***

ISD 917 Consent to Release Form

Districts completing a referral for  "Purchase of Service" need to complete an ISD 917 Referral for Special Education Services Form in addition to medical documentation and send to [email protected].

Insert Medical Documentation forms here (PT, hearing, vision, etc)!