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    Need an employment verification completed?  Contact [email protected]

    Have questions about benefits?  Contact [email protected]

    Lauren Kelly
    Human Resources Coordinator
    Email Lauren Kelly  
    HR Supervision
    Contract Negotiations/Interpretation
    Licensed Staff and Teacher Job Posts/Openings and Hiring
    Teacher Contract Lane Changes
    Staff Evaluations
    Employee Relations/Concerns

    Jake Edlund
    Benefits Specialist
    Email Jake Edlund
    Initial Benefits/Insurance Enrollment
    Open Enrollment (each fall for the upcoming calendar year)
    COBRA Insurance Benefits/Insurance Questions
    Leaves of Absence (FMLA, Medical, General)
    Accommodations (medical, disability, etc.)

    Jessica Huss 
    Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Email Jessica Huss
    Unlicensed and Support Staff
    Job Posts/Openings and Hiring Application Process/AppliTrack
    New Hire Orientation Training
    New Hire Initial 3-Day PCM and Behavior Tools Training Registration
    Volunteers and Internships

    Attendance/Frontline (AESOP)

    Amalia Pena Chavez
    Human Resources Assistant
    Email Amalia Pena Chavez

    Employment Verifications, including PSLF and TFL Forms
    Licensed Staff Lane Changes
    Personnel Files
    Data Entry and Maintenance
    Reporting (State, STAR, Seniority, etc.)
    'Notice of Employment' Forms