About CTIC

Mission: To promote effective transition services through community collaboration for youth that will prepare them for adult life.

Vision: Youth with disabilities will have opportunities for full participation in the community.

Transition is:

  • Planning for Housing
  • Planning for Employment
  • Planning for Transportation
  • Planning for Recreation/Leisure
  • Planning for Post Secondary Education

Who Are CTIC Members?

  • CTIC members are made up of parents and agency representatives from:  social services, advocacy agencies, employment providers, school district transition programs, vocational programs, recreational programs and housing programs.

What are CTIC's Responsibilities?

  • Identify current services, programs and funding sources provided within the community for secondary and post-secondary aged youth with disabilities and their families.
  • Facilitate the development of multi-agency teams to address present and future transition needs of individual students on their individual education plans.
  • Develop a community plan to include mission, goals and objectives and an implementation plan to assure that transition needs of youth with disabilities are met.
  • Recommend changes or improvements in the community system of transitions services.
  • Exchange agency information such as appropriate data, effectiveness studies, special projects, exemplary programs, and creative funding of programs.

New (2020)-Dakota County Disability Supports for Young Adults

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CTIC Bylaws: 
CTIC Bylaws