Congratulations, 2022 Graduates!

Congratulations, 2022 Graduates!
Posted on 06/10/2022
Everyone played a role

ISD 917 could not be more proud of our 2022 graduates!  They demonstrated such incredible resiliency during these past few years, and each is heading into adulthood having achieved great accomplishments.  For some, that meant earning college credits during high school and preparing for post-secondary education.  For others, it meant developing independent living skills so they can be more self-sufficient, or preparing for a career of their choice and finding professional mentors along the way.  No matter their future path, it was clear how students’ experiences at ISD 917 provided them with a strong foundation for moving forward.


Key to this work are the strong relationships among students and staff, all of which were on display during each graduation event.  In their unique settings, staff members from each program shared personal anecdotes about each student and/or information about their future plans.  Student presenters spoke about the importance of feeling seen at school and encouraged to develop their own goals and seek unique pathways to meet them.  They talked about how they supported each other, academically and personally, and how they became members of each other’s families.  The pride students, staff, and families took in the progress each student made throughout their time with ISD 917, whether over the course of multiple years or just a few weeks, was strongly evident.  


In every case, the adults in the room (or on the lawn or at the park) shared how much they have learned from being a part of our students’ lives.  ISD 917 is a special place where no one is invisible and where we surround each student with the people, resources, and opportunities to discover and build on their strengths, interests, and hopes for the future.  We wish our graduates all the best in their future endeavors!