Timothy Davis-Language Arts

Welcome! Below, find my Quarter 4 classes, and more information about them.

Life Studies
-Co-Taught with Erin Hale-Sanford in the Social Studies department, Life studies is an introductory class for students first attending DCALS. This class will serve as a tool for students to learn about credits, schedules, classes, etc and adapt to the DCALS environment.
-Students also do quite a bit of self-exploration and reflection through learning about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Meyers Briggs, Multiple Intelligences, and Career Exploration. 
-This class is unique to transitioning students into our credit system, as it is the only class where students can earn half credit for the class.

Fine Arts/Literature
-Graphic Novels are a "foreign" concept in this class, as we explore the history and current state of Iran through the novel Persepolis. Students will earn about the Graphic Novel format and genre and the history surrounding the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

-Flexibility is key in this class, as students familiarize themselves with Project Based Learning. PBL creates a student centered learning environment, where students become the teachers, and the teacher becomes a guide. Students will develop projects, assessments, and credit weight. 

English Advisory
-Building relationships with students is essential to success. Students who attend advisory have more success in school. During our advisory time, we will focus on student's self-awareness and encourage them to develop a sense of responsibility as citizens.

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Timothy Davis is currently serving as a long-term substitute for Emily for the first semester of the 2018-19 school year.  [email protected]