Program Alternative for Communication Ed and Socialization (PACES)

PACES augmentationProgram Focus

PACES addresses the education and environmental needs of learners through a highly structured environment, with a low student/staff ratio.  Curriculum emphasizes the development of functional skills and academics, communication and social skills, daily living skills, vocational preparation as well as recreation and leisure.  A focus of the program is to develop positive social skills and strategies for interacting in the school and community setting.

Support Services

  • Specialized services are available to meet the individual education needs of each learner.  

  • Related service teachers and therapists provide expertise including in identifying and implementing tools and strategies to address sensory needs.

Disabilities Served

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Developmental Cognitive Disabilities

  • and other neurobiological disorders

Ages Served

  • 5-21years old

Current Locations

  • Cherry View Elementary

  • Meadowview Elementary

  • Boeckman Middle School

  • McGuire Middle School

  • Farmington High School

  • Lakeville North High School

Supervisor and Contact Information
Don Budach
Phone: 651-423-8426
 Email Don Budach