Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant Program

LOITeachers of the deaf/hard of hearing serve students birth through 21 years old in a variety of settings in member districts.  

Teachers are part of the educational team and are responsible for evaluation as well as identifying programming for students with hearing loss.  They provide unique information on the impact of hearing loss on language, communication, academic and functional skill development.  They also provide direct support in the areas of:

  • auditory
  • communication
  • language
  • vocabulary
  • reading readiness skill development
  • compensatory skill development 

They also provide many indirect services including inservice, consultation, access and adaptations.  Teachers work closely with support personnel including audiologists and interpreters/transliterators/transcribers.

Supervisor and Contact Information:

Taylor Thomas, Dean of Special Education - Deaf/Hard of Hearing Programs
Phone: 612-666-0473
[email protected]